WE believe that the collaborative research and self-innovation are the key-terms to success of the whole


MSK was founded in Alexandia,Egypt in 2004 by Mohamed Shokry El-Kholy; as a supporting private studio aside from his Academic role in the faculty of engineering - Department of Architecture, identified at that time as a young blood-Architectural firm offering the fundamental Design services representing creative Architectural and Graphics solutions; achieving remarkable  success in terms of limited-scale projects.

In 2007, a partnership occurred between MSK and Hussam Taha   representing ARCHARISMA studio - as a sister-company of MSK for Architecture and Engineering services A/E; adopting innovative management strategies and exceptional work dedication; to be one of the few powerful A/E studios throughout the Egyptian market and by the hands of 20 young architects/Engineers. 
ARCHARISMA has grown up to be a multi-employees firm in 2008 (The projects types expanded to include various medium-scale projects (urban design, residential complexes, Public buildings, and educational facilities). 
MSK continued to improve and expand the A/E Office structure and projects management criteria to be remarkably competitive firm in 2009 to sign the A/E design contract of Mega-scale Project La-MIRADA Compound in Egypt, with a total budget of 100 Million US $. 

In 2011, a transition plan to the Gulf Region has been occured, Particularly in KSA; expanding the market of A/E Services that MSK was offering to the Gulf area; creating a high level of trust with major and potential clients. In 2015, MSk has been officially Licensed as A/E Consultancy firm with its main headquarter in Cairo-Egypt. 

Mohamed Shokry El-Kholy I Managing Director


In MSK, we are adopting a methodical innovative approach; dealing with every project as a unique product, starting from the initiation stage passing by professional managment planning phase , and end with project achieved mile-stones and Client’s satsifaction.

Our Key-terms to success are Specialization, Professionalism, and Quality


Our ultimate mission is to meet the client’s objectives; reshaping his requirements  into a professional output; applying the  school of thought; that perfectly suits his project; right on time and within stated budget.

Our Goal: Is to be a global A/E firm with a remarkable portfolio introducing exceptional projects world-wide

Our People: a team of talented creative  Architects / Interior Designers / Engineers, their principle of work is cooperation and openness to upgradable technology platforms; in order to be strongly competitive for any prospective design challenges.

Our team members are qualified licensed individuals; with international recognition in renowned organizations such as AIA, RIBA, PMI, USGBC.